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Aha Moments

Some stories, some science and a ton of resources to help you be happier.

Want To Get Hired? Lead With Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is popping up everywhere- from Facebook to LinkedIn there’s more and more buzz about why EI is the new IQ. Emotional intelligence includes your ability to recognize what emotion you are feeling and to manage that emotion in a way that...

Who’s Crazy About Your Child at School?

"In order to develop normally, a child needs the enduring irrational involvement of one or more adults in care of and in joint activity with that child.  In short, somebody has got to be crazy about that kid." ~Brofenbrenner Parenting is hard. Kids don’t come with a...

What Positive Education Looks Like in Action

I recently spent a month at Geelong Grammar School. For any positive psychology or positive education junkies out there, you will know that this is the mecca for wellbeing educators. A little over 10 years ago a team of teachers from GGS flew to UPenn to learn...