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Science based methodology  proven to decrease depression,

anxiety & stress allowing students and faculty to flourish.


Designed to impact positive wellbeing of both students and educators improving life both in and out of the classroom. 


Partnering with the world reknowned Institute of Positive Education from Geelong Australia to bring their groundbreaking training series to North America. Launching in 2019.


Downloads for in-class use including worksheets, colouring pages, activities as well as online quizzes.  A collection of the most current and notable research.


Curriculum writing, personalized workshops and on-site training.




About Positive Education

Positive Education is an interdisciplinary initiative combining Positive Psychology with best-practice teaching. Together with the Institute of Positive Education we promote optimal development and flourishing in the school setting.

Dedicated to proactive mental wellness with focus on a whole school approach that includes faculty, parents, community & students.

Learning outcomes can include a deep dive into:

  • mindfulness
  • growth mindset
  • VIA Character Strengths
  • gratitude
  • positive social connection
  • the live, learn, teach, embed model
  • the six domains of positive education


About Our Partners at the Institute of Positive Education


Our model aims to build a positive culture that places wellbeing at the heart of education.

Our primary role is to deliver transformational educational programmes to promote wellbeing throughout the world. We aim to teach students valuable life skills on which they can increase their learning capacity and build a successful and happy life

The Institute of Positive Education’s Story

Parents want schools to teach more than academic achievement. In 2003, this led Geelong Grammar School to undertake work in the development of an expanded concept of student health, moving beyond the traditional boundaries to one based on an empirically-driven student wellbeing program incorporating emotional and physical health. In 2005 GGS was made aware of Prof. Martin Seligman’s groundbreaking work in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Since that time we have continued our work on wellbeing for students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff through a collaborative project with him. This project has been recognised as one of the pioneering pillars of what has come to be defined as Positive Education – a theoretical framework that unifies the core principles from the science of Positive Psychology with the practices of education in its broadest sense.  The overarching aim of Positive Education at GGS is for individuals to flourish including students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff and ultimately the school’s alumni and parent community. ‘Flourishing’ is defined as elevated emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing (Keyes, 2005). We measure it through the Individual Flourishing Questionnaire developed by Prof. Felicia Huppert at Cambridge University’s Wellbeing Institute. The questionnaire measures: positive emotions; engagement and interest; meaning and purpose; positive relationships; resilience; competence; optimism; vitality; calmness; confidence/self-esteem.




“In a word, this course is transformational – I enjoyed every moment of the experience; learning from the presenters, sharing experiences with the other participants and the additional, well planned activities. So well organised and professionally presented, Discovering Positive Education has opened the door to a whole new perspective on teaching and living for me. “

Kyla Jacques
House Leader, Geelong High School

 “This was the best four days. From beginning to end, it was well thought out.  The format of the course followed a sensible pathway and it was well balanced between theory and practical applications including case study examples from Geelong Grammar.”

Angela Moore
Two Wells Primary School

“Absolutely every aspect of the course was excellent. Presenters were ‘real’, inspirational and passionate. They embodied the variety of messages and learnings from the course. The course content was full of research and evidence-based theory that was applicable to my life and could be extended to my classroom practice. It was highly engaging and thought-provoking. Many thanks!”

Kirsten Murphy
Australian International School

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