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Positive Education

Introduction to Positive Education

2019 courses

Bringing the Science of Wellbeing to Schools


This comprehensive one-day course gives an overview of the principles of Positive Education and how it can help school communities to flourish.

Drawing on Geelong Grammar School’s experience of implementing a whole-school approach, and that of hundreds of other schools that the Institute of Positive Education has trained worldwide, this course explores the benefits of Positive Education, the underlying research that guides teaching practice along with our Model of Positive Education.

Participants will have the chance to try out key wellbeing activities and interventions drawn from Geelong Grammar’s School’s world-leading Positive Education programme and reflect on how the concepts could be taught and embedded in their own school context.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Positive Psychology and wellbeing science
  • The benefits of and evidence for Positive Education programmes
  • The VIA classification of character strengths
  • The six domains of wellbeing within the GGS Model for Positive Education
  • The GGS ‘Learn, Live, Teach, Embed’ framework
  • Opportunities for further training and support from the Institute of Positive Education

 APRIL 5, 2019

HCP Gardens Victoria, BC

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 2019 date and venue coming soon!

 2019 date and venue coming soon!


“This workshop not only covered the basics of Positive Education, it was presented in an authentic, collaborative, practical and passionate way such that any attendee will come away knowing what positive education is, how it came about, how it can practically fit within school environments, why it is beneficial, and how to go about moving in the Positive Education direction.”

Dr. Aaron Jarden

Associate Professor in the Centre of Positive Psychology, Melbourne University. Director of the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program.

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