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Corporate Culture

Workshops, keynotes & resources for positive mindset


Science shows a direct correlation between your happiness and your productivity & success at work.  These workshops will retrain brains for increased resilience, resistance to stress and optimal mental wellness.


Engaging and informative, the message from Positive Minds International is backed by science but delivered in a simple way allowing the audience to leave inspired with a simple action plan.


Research, quizzes, articles, and downloads.  A collection of the most current and notable.


Want something customized? We edit for positive language on websites and throughout your organization’s mission statement, training manuals, etc. We customize training for your HR teams’ use.

The Science of Happiness at Work

Learn how incorporating purpose, positive relationships, staying present, finding flow, and practicing gratitude into your daily structure will help your team get more done in less time while being more effective. 

Positive Psychology backed business hacks to optimize performance.


Character Strengths for Teams & Leaders

Using the VIA character strengths assessment tool we will examine all 24  universally valued strengths with attention to each participant’s top 5. We will look at your strengths’ ability to buffer stress, increase confidence and predict well-being as well as the dark side of strengths where they become weaknesses.

Using your strengths promotes well-being.


“Beacuse mentally healthy workplaces work better”

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