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Positive Living


Conscious Communication

Communication either connects us or creates distance between us. Stronger connection fosters happiness, confidence and resilience. Learn how to communicate effectively with those around you to get more of what you want. Tired of yelling or feeling like yelling but bottling it up? Speak to be heard, learn how to listen actively and respond appropriately to promote stronger connection. 

Victoria BC November 25- registration opens October 20th

London ON- April 20th

Los Angeles CA – Spring 2020



Strengths-Based Parenting

Using the VIA character strengths assessment tool we will examine all 24  universally valued strengths with attention to each participant’s top 5. We will look at your strengths’ ability to buffer stress, increase confidence and predict well-being as well as the dark side of strengths where they become weaknesses. Comparing strengths of each family member with an eye to conflicts between strengths we will create a strength harnessing plan to boost family connection. 

Victoria BC- November 20th- Registration opening November 1st.