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Happiness Reset Resources


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Boost - Purpose Worksheet

Boost - Know Yourself Better

Boost - The Wish Game

Tuesday – Connection


Quick Fix- Square Squad

Quick Fix- Initiate

Quick Fix- Life Updates

Quick Fix- Laugh Together

Quick Fix- Artifact Anchor

Quick Fix- Throwback Thurs.

Quick Fix- Social Contagion

Boost - Questions to Connect

Boost - Date Night

Plan one- no worksheet required

Deep Dive - Your People

Wednesday – Letting Go


Quick Fix- Self-Compassionate Letter

Quick Fix- History of Success

Quick Fix-Clear Clutter

Boost - Take YOU Out of the Equation

Boost - Purge Negative Stuff

Coming soon

Deep Dive - Dialogue

Know Yourself


Quick Fix- Who Am I

Quick Fix- 3 of Me

Find three photos of you at your best and keep them on your phone.

Quick Fix- Remember Me

Boost - Enneagram

Boost - Love Language

Boost - Meyers Briggs

Boost - Clifton Strengths

Click on the book

Boost - Four Tendencies

Deep Dive - Retreat

Deep Dive - Course

Take an online class FREE on Coursera


Boost - The Power of Habit

Positive Experience


Quick Fix- Happy Scent

Quick Fix- Photo Book

Quick Fix- Smile Experiment

Boost - Bad Dad Jokes

Boost - You Time

Boost - Exercise

30 minutes- start now

Boost - Novelty

Deep Dive - One New Thing

Commit to learn 1 new thing in 2020

Deep Dive - 20 for 2020

Make a list of 20 new things to try in 2020.



Quick Fix-Walking Meditation

Quick Fix- 30 Minute Body Scan

Quick Fix- Square Breathing (calming)

Quick Fix-One Minute Meditation

Boost - Guided Meditaton

Boost - Deep Listening



Quick Fix- Everyday Items

Quick Fix- Moment of the Day

coming soon

Quick Fix- 3 Good Things

coming soon

Boost - Gratitude Letter (other)

Boost - Gratitude Letter (self)

Boost - Gratitude Letter (forgiveness)

Deep Dive - Project 365

Deep Dive - Gratitude Journal

Deep Dive - Gratitude Jar