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Positive Learning

Positive Education is a way of fostering healthy minds in a K-12 setting using science based methodology that’s proven to decrease depression, anxiety & stress and allows students and faculty to flourish.

Positive Leading

Training  corporate leaders & teams to implement Positive Psychology based proactive wellness interventions designed to optimize your workplace environment in simple ways leading to more a creative, productive, healthier, corporate culture and an increase in happiness.

Positive Living

Mindset workshops for parents, relationships, transition times, and  personal growth. Every positive change in your life begins with a clear decision that you are going to either do something, do something better or stop doing something. How you change your habit is the most important  indicator for success and happiness.

Positive Sport

This introductory course is for coaches of all level and experience, parents, or leaders interested in using positive psychology as a foundation for the wellbeing and performance of their sporting club. Explore team communication models, mindset, and wellbeing science.